The son of King Eylimi, and the brother of Hjördís, and maternal uncle of Sigurðr. He ruled over lands and was of all men wisest and prescient of the future. In the eddic poem Grípisspá, "Grípir's Prophecy," found in the Codex Regius, a youthful Sigurðr arrives at his hall and is met by a man named Geitir. After Sigurðr has identified himself, Grípir meets with him and foretells his fate. He says that Sigurðr shall be the mightiest of men, exalted above every king, liberal of gold, and wise of words; but first he will avenge the death of his father, then he will slay the glistening serpent Fáfnir and find its lair filled with treasure, and then awake the king's daughter sleeping on the mountain. Grípir becomes reluctant to answer further questions, saying to Sigurðr that the day his death is decreed. He specifically warns him of the wiles of Grímhildr and of Brynhildr.

Grípir is called Grifir in Völsunga saga.



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