Hati Hróðvitnisson

A wolf, the son of Hróðvitnir, mentioned in Grímnismál:

Sköll the wolf is named,
that the fair-faced goddess
to the ocean chases;
another Hati hight,
he is Hrodvitnir's son;
he the bright maid of heaven shall precede.

Snorri Sturluson paraphrases this stanza in Gylfaginning, saying that Hati is "eager to seize the moon; and so it must be." He adds that Sköll and Hati are the descendants of the troll-women who dwell in Járnviðr and who bear many giants for sons, all in the shape of wolves. In the same chapter, Snorri says that the moon shall be swallowed by Mánagarmr, the Moon-Hound, the mightiest of all the wolves. Hróðvitnir seems to be another name for the wolf Fenrir.



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