"Daughters of the Sun." A patronymic given to the seven daughters of the sun god Helios by Clymene. When their brother Phaethon was struck from the sun's chariot by Zeus' lightning bolt, the Heliades wept unceasingly over his death. Their tears turned into golden amber and they themselves were transformed into poplar trees.1

Their names are given as by Hyginus2 as Aegle, Aetheria, Dioxippe, Helie, Lampetia, Merope, and Phoebe. Ovid3 adds Phaethusa, as the eldest sister, and Lampetia, who usually are mentioned as the daughters of Helios by Neaera.4 Other accounts mentions only one daughter, Electryone.

An alternative name is Phaethontides, after their brother Phaeton. See also Heliadae.