According to the eddic poem Hyndluljóð, one of the two dwarfs who crafted the golden-bristled boar Hildisvíni for Freyja. The other dwarf is called Dáinn. The seeress Hyndla accuses Freyja of having brought her lover Óttar with her on the road to Valhalla, to which Freyja replies:

Dull art thou, Hyndla!
methinks thou dreamest,
since thou sayest that my man
is on the dead-road with me;
there where my hog sparkles
with its golden bristles,
hight Hildisvini, which for me made
the two skilful dwarfs, Dain and Nabbi.

Nabbi is nowhere else mentioned.



  • Hyndluljóð, 9.