"Battle-boar." The boar of the goddess Freyja, made by the dwarfs Dáinn and Nabbi, and attested solely in the eddic poem Hyndluljóð. The animal is described as "golden-bristled" (gullinbursti), which leads to a connection with the better attested Gullinbursti, the boar of her brother Freyr.

In the poem, the seeress Hyndla accuses Freyja of having brought her lover Óttar with her. Freyja denies the accusation, saying that she is only accompanied by her boar Hildisvíni. At the end of the poem — in which Hyndla recites the genealogy of Óttar — Freyja asks for the memory-beer to brought to her guest so that he may remember all that Hyndla has said, presumably thus revealing that the boar was in fact Óttar.



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