In the eddic poem Hyndluljóð, the favorite of the goddess Freyja, who made a shrine of stones for her. He made a wager of his entire inheritance with Angantýr regarding the relative loftiness of their ancestry. By rich offerings he induces Freyja to assist him in establishing his genealogy. Freyja awakens the seeress Hyndla and commands her to aid her. Hyndla accuses Freyja of having her lover Óttar with her, but Freyja denies the accusation, saying that she is only accompanied by her boar Hildisvíni.

The seeress provides a long genealogy which includes illustrious personages such as Gunnarr and Högni and Randvér. After Hyndla is finished, Freyja orders to have the memory-cup (minnisöl) brought to her guest, so that he may repeat the seeress' words on the third morning hence, when Óttar and Angantýr are scheduled to meet. Freyja thus seems to admit that Óttar was with her all along, in the shape of Hildisvíni.

There is no other reference to a supposed love affair of Óttar and Freyja.



  • Hyndluljóð.