A chief who commanded the Ririno canoe in the Migration to New Zealand. The Ririno sailed from Hawaiki, in company with Turi's canoe, the Aotea, but, being storm-beaten, both canoes put into the mid-ocean island of Rangitahua to refit. The crews sacrificed a valuable dog, named Whakapapa-tuakura, set up pillars for the spirits, etc., and prepared to start afresh.

A dispute arose between Potoru and Turi as to the course to be steered, but at last it was decided, in spite of monstrances of Turi, to sail westward. Both canoes started towards the west, but the Ririno was dashed to pieces on the reef of Taputapuātea, and Turi then sailed eastward till he came to New Zealand.



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This article incorporates text from Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary (1891) by Edward Tregear, which is in the public domain.