A magician possessed of a talisman, in the shape of a Wooden Head (Puhi a Puarata), which slew all those coming near it. It was kept on a hill called the Sacred Mount (Puke-tapu). Puarata and his friend Tautōhito killed hundreds by means of their enchantments, but were at last overcome by the great wizard Hākawau, who sent forth his legions of attendant spirits to attack the evil genii which guarded the Wooden Head.

Hākawau's party deluded the enemy by feigning a retreat, and thus drawing the evil ones away from their fortress; then with a reserve of his spirits Hākawau attacked and occupied the forfeited position. Hākawau then destroyed all the powen of evil which remained.



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This article incorporates text from Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary (1891) by Edward Tregear, which is in the public domain.