"Strength." A daughter of Thor and Sif, according to several kennings in Skáldskaparmál. Snorri Sturluson says that Sif can be periphrased as Mother of Thrúdr, while kennings for Thor are Thrúdr's Father and Sire of Thrúdr. In the poem Ragnarsdrápa by Bragi Bodasson, a kenning for the giant Hrungnir is Þrúðr's Thief, but there is no mention of her abduction in any of the existing texts.

It is possible that Þrúðr is the same — unnamed — daughter of Thor who was promised in marriage to the dwarf Alvíss in the eddic poem Alvíssmál.

In the Nafnaþulur, Þrúðr is listed among the Norse goddesses, the Ásynjur, but she plays no role in the mythology. See also the valkyrie Þrúðr.



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