"Crash-home." The place where Þjazi dwelt, located in Jötunheimr. His fair daughter Skaði inherited it after his death. It is enumerated among the abodes of the gods in Grímnismál:

Thrymheim the sixth is named,
where Thiassi dwelt
that all-powerful Jötun;
but Skadi now inhabits,
the bright bride of the gods,
her father's ancient home.

Snorri Sturluson says that after her marriage to Njörðr, she tried to persuade him to live with her there, but he preferred his seaside home of Nóatún. They agreed to compromise by spending nine nights in Þrymheimr and the next nine nights in Nóatún, but neither could endure the surroundings of the other's home, so Skaði left her husband and returned to Þrymheimr.



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