The son of Gawain and Blanchemal. His mother kept his identity secret from him, but after finding the body of a knight in the forest he desires to become one and travels to King Arthur's court. There he is knighted as Sir Le Bel Inconnu, or "The Fair Unknown."

Gingalain defeats Malgier le Gris, the unwanted suitor of Pucelle. Out of gratitude she offers herself in marriage and he accepts. However, he has a prior obligation to rescue, Blonde Esmerée, a princess of Wales, whose city was under siege by the enchanter Mabon. He is successful in his quest and Esmerée, too, offers him marriage, but he returns to Pucelle.

Meanwhile Arthur organizes a tournament with the intent to lure Gingalain back to court, and steer his decision of marriage towards Esmerée, now queen of Wales. Gingalain joins the tournament, even though this means that he would never see Pucelle again. She provides him with a squire, horse and armor and transports him out of her castle. He eventually marries Esmerée. It is only later that he discovers that his father is Gawain.

In Mallory's Le Morte d'Arthur he is killed along with his brothers Sir Florence and Sir Lovell.

Gingalain is the title character of Le Bel Inconnu by the medieval French author Renaud de Beaujeu.