"Earth-formed maid." A female formed by Tāne from the earth taken at the Kura-waka beach. He then took her to wife. She first gave birth to Tiki-tōhua, the progenitor of birds, then to Tiki-kapakapa, the first human child of Tāne, whom he later named Hine-a-tauira.

Other children of Tāne by Hine-ahu-one, before she became Hine-nui-te-pō, are Tahu-kumea, Tahu-kumea-te-pō, Tahu-kumea-te-ao, Tahu-o-ti-atu, and Tahu-whaka-iro.1

Hine-ahu-one is also the mother of Hina-kapua and Hine-te-uira.



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