"Gate-tower?" The high seat of Odin that enables him to see into all worlds and observe every man's act, and know all things which he sees. In the introduction to Grímnismál, Odin and Frigg both sit in Hliðskjálf, and in Skírnismál it is Freyr who sits in the seat. It is from this location that Freyr first spies the beautiful giantess Gerðr.

In Gylfaginning (9), Snorri Sturluson says that Odin's high seat is in the abode called Hliðskjálf, while later (17) he explicitly refers to Valaskjálf as the place which contains the Hliðskjálf. In chapter 50, Odin sees from his seat where Loki had fled to after his involvement in Baldr's death became known.

One kenning describes Odin as Hliðskjálf's king.



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