The sister of Ngātoro-i-rangi. She was the wife of Manaia, a chief of Hawaiki. Her husband cursed her by speaking in a most insulting manner of her brother; so she sent her daughter Haunga-roa across the sea to Ngātoro, who had come to New Zealand in the Arawa canoe.

Haunga-roa crossed the ocean with her female companions, borne up by the gods Kāhukura, Rongo-mai, etc, and took the news of the insult to Ngātoro, who was deeply incensed, and set out for Hawaiki with a large force of adherents. Ngātoro slew all the priests, and attacked the town; the great battle called Ihu-motomotokia was fought at that time.



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This article incorporates text from Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary (1891) by Edward Tregear, which is in the public domain.