Mabon mab Modron

The son of Modron. He is a warrior and hunter in Arthur's retinue. He was a captive at Caer Loyw, a synonym for the Otherworld, but Culhwch freed him. In return, he helps Culhwch to hunt the boar Twrch Trwyth and takes the razor from between the boar's ears. The hounds that comprised the pack with which Mabon hunted the Twrch Trwyd were the cubs of Gast Rhymhri.

Mabon is equated with Maponos, "The Divine Youth," of the pre-Christian Celts in the north of Britain and in Gaul. Because of his skill in music the Romans equated him with Apollo. The Irish equivalent is Mac ind Óg, also known as Aonghus.

In Continental Arthurian tradition he is known as Mabon, Mabuz, and Mabonagrain.



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