Högni and his son

The son of king Gjúki and his wife Grímhildr, and brother of Gunnarr, Guðný, and Guðrún. When his sister Guðrun married Sigurðr, Högni and Gunnarr swore oaths of blood brotherhood with him. Gunnarr meanwhile wedded Brynhildr.

Some time later, Guðrun revealed to Brynhildr that it was not Gunnarr who had ridden to the flames to woo her, but Sigurðr in the shape of Gunnarr. Brynhildr was furious at the betrayal, and incited Gunnarr and Högni to slay Sigurðr, but because they were Sigurðr's blood-brothers, they stirred up Guthormr, their half-brother, to do the deed. After Sigurðr's death, Brynhildr took her own life.

Atli, the king of the Huns, and brother of Brynhildr, blamed the Gjúkings for her death. He invited them to his lands, but met them with an army and the two brothers were made captive. Atli had Högni's heart cut out, and that was the end of him.

According to Drap Niflunga and Atlamál in grœnlenzku, Högni's wife was Kostbera. Their sons were named Sólar, Snævar, and Gjúki. Högni is found in the list of ancestors of Óttar.



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