Sir Griflet

One day, a squire who appeared at Arthur's court with the body of his master, Nirles, who was slain by a knight who had reared up a pavilion by the fountain. He beseeched Arthur to send a knight to avenge his master's death. A young squire named Griflet stepped forth and asked the king to grant him knighthood so that he might grant the other squire's request. Arthur knighted him forthwith but made him promise to return to him immediately after he had jousted with the knight, unless he was slain.

Sir Griflet set out to challenge the knight at the fountain, which the latter initially refused because of Griflet's age and inexperience. Griflet insisted and the strange knight consented. The joust was finished quickly when the knight broke his spear into Sir Griflet's body, so that the truncheon stuck there, and Sir Griflet and his horse fell down. Fearful that he had slain him, the knight tended Griflet carefully and when he came to, set him upon his horse and sent him back to the court where he was healed by the physicians.



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