The son of King Gjúki, and half-brother of Gunnarr, Högni, and Guðrún. When it was revealed to Gunnarr's wife Brynhildr how she had been deceived by Sigurðr, she plots revenge. She instigates Gunnarr to kill Sigurðr, saying that he had deceived them both and broken his oath. Gunnarr consults with Högni, but the latter tries to dissuade his brother from such a deed on account of the blood oath they swore with Sigurðr.

Gunnarr then suggests to let their brother Guthormr carry out the murder, saying that he is young and of little judgment, and free of all oaths. They took a serpent and the flesh of a wolf, and had them cooked, and gave them to Guthormr to eat, and offered him gold and a large realm:

The forest-fish they roasted,
and the wolf's carcase took,
while some to Guthorm
dealt out gold;
gave him Geri's flesh
with his drink,
and many other things
steeped therein.

After eating this food Guthormr became so frenzied, that he went to Sigurðr's room and thrust his sword through him as he slept. When Sigurðr felt the wound, he hurled his sword Gramr after Guthormr, so that it cut him in half.



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